Cast History

It was over 30 years ago at midnight when Tony Wright and Scott Mallon blew away an enthusiastic crowd with their performance of what could be the biggest cult movie in history: “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” The two men organized one of the world’s first Rocky Horror floor show casts and named this troupe, “The Denton Affair” (taken from the title of a book featured in the movie).

Flash forward; more than 30 years later, dressed-up thrill seekers still pack the theater for the experience. The Denton Affair welcomes each and every patron with high energy and a promise of an invigorating adventure every time they come.

In correlation with the film, The Denton Affair performs in conjunction with the movie while the audience participates in their own way. Noisemakers, props and comments from the crowd captivate spectators for the duration of the film.

Since 1979, The Denton Affair has been proud to present The Rocky Horror Picture Show in Cincinnati as one of the world’s longest-running Rocky Horror floor show casts.

We’ve performed at:

1. The Oakley Theater (late 70’s)
2. The Skywalk (80’s)
3. The Reel Movies (80’s-90’s)
4. The Movies Repituare (90’s)
5. The University of Cincinnati (Mid-90’s – Concurrent with “The Movies Shows”)
6. Rave Motion Pictures in Florence (May 19th 2012-2013)
7. The Esquire Theatre (Late 90’s – Current)
8. Danbarry Cinemas in Middletown (2010-Current)