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What’s Involved?

We perform every other Saturday night at the Esquire Theater in Clifton, Cincinnati.

All training sessions are held in the Cincinnati area.

Halloween performances usually occur twice on the Saturday before Halloween.



Be available for all shows and rehearsals.

Other activities should not interfere with rehearsals or performances.

Afford a full costume at the time of application.

Be available for all Halloween showings.

Act with us year-round (no summer-only).

Be 18+ (if underage, we’ll need to talk with your parents).


Financial Responsibility

You’ll need to purchase your own costume.

Depending on the character, costs will vary but we’ll work with you to find the cheapest possible (example: a new corset can cost anywhere from $15 to $60).

New members will pay $5.00 monthly dues until your first night acting, when it drops to $3.00 a month.

Other Stuff

Most local colleges and universities will credit time spent with the cast towards community service requirements.

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