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Esquire’s Website
Every other Saturday night, you can find us in the heart of Clifton on Ludlow Ave. at the Esquire Theatre near the University of Cincinnati! We play year-round so you won’t miss a thing! The Esquire also serves alcohol, so bar hopping instead of Time Warping is NOT an excuse! Read below for directions and show dates!

Cost: $10.00
Where to find us every other Sat @ midnight

Address Click here for map
The Esquire Theatre
320 Ludlow Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45220

Simple Directions From I-75
1) Hopple Street Exit #3 (if you’re driving North the exit is on the LEFT, and going South it’s on your RIGHT)
2) Make a LEFT
3) Go UP THE HILL (it’s a bit long and kind of curvy)
4) Make a LEFT onto CLIFTON AVE.
5) Drive until you get to the corner of CLIFTON and LUDLOW. Skyline Chili’s on the corner. Make a LEFT.
6) The theater is on your RIGHT side.
7) Now that you’ve found the theater, it’s time to find parking! There are meters up and down the street. If you drive behind the IGA across the street you’ll also find a parking lot there. It’s 2 bux, but all meters are free at night.