We ask that you’re available for all show and rehearsal times that you’d be scheduled for; we meet at DanBarry Cinemas at 11pm for Friday night showings (once a month), 11:30pm at the Esquire Theatre for our Saturday night performances (every other week) and 11pm at Rave in Florence for the quarterly showings.

Other activities like school plays or jobs should not interfere with rehearsals or performances.

If you live in the Greater Cincinnati area, be available for all showings (Esquire, Danbarry and Rave).

If you live near or north of Middletown, be available for Middletown performances.

Afford a full costume at the time of application.

Be available for all Halloween showings.

Act with us year-round (no summer-only).

Be 18+ (if underage, we’ll need to talk with your parents).