What to Expect & Theater Rules

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is an audience participation film; our cast performs in conjunction with the film which means whatever you see on the screen is what you’ll see on stage. So what can you do as an audience member? Come dressed up and yell shit! It’s ok if you’re not quite sure what to yell during the movie because after just a few times, we promise you’ll be champ!

What? You HAVEN’T seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show in a theater? …you my friend, are referred to as a virgin…”but what will you do to me?” – that’s for us to know (and your so-called friend bringing you who refuses to let you know what’s going to happen) and for you to find out. We won’t bite TOO hard…or will we?

Also remember we are rated (pirate voice) RRRRRRRR so you must be 17+ to purchase tickets. Make sure to show up a little early because tickets are not sold past midnight and the doors are sealed shut!

You’ll have a great time, though. Come dressed up if you want but please wear SOMETHING (stupid laws!). Speaking of do’s and do not’s, we have some of our own. I know…lame…but hey it’s what keeps our show going, right?

We’ll go over some more things to remember once you get to the show, but these are really important ones to know ahead of time:

1. Please do not bring:

-water guns (or real ones of course)
-toilet paper
-hot dogs
-open flames (lighters, matches, torches, Richard Simmons, etc.)
-midgets…ok fine, you can bring your midget with you just don’t throw him at the screen.

What is ok to bring?
-noise makers
-rubber gloves
-party hats

*we now sell prop bags at the show, so if you’re unsure of what to bring or what to do with the props, don’t worry! We got you, fam!

2. Please only throw the toilet paper and the playing cards provided in the prop bags, and remember to throw UP and TO THE BACK. The screen is sensitive and expensive (sexpensive?) and we don’t want to damage it and then have to sell our organs to pay for it.

3. No alcohol or drugs in the theater. There IS a bar, so you can purchase alcohol there if you’re of age!

4. The actors can touch you, but you can’t touch them. Just like a classy strip joint.

Have any other questions? Why is the sky blue? Why do you park in a driveway but drive on a parkway? Then let us know – Click “Contact Us” and we’ll share our knowledge with you as soon as possible.