Cast List

October 20th – Esquire Theater

Frank- Andrew
Rocky- Anjali
Brad- Hannah
Janet- Erin C
Riff- Claire
Magenta- Riley
Columbia- Sondra
Eddie- Frances
Crim- Margot (first show!)
Dr. Scott- Missy (welcome back!)
Trixie- Melissa
Props- stage right: Nik&Jess stage left:Melissa&Erin M
Lights- Eric with Andrew Jr shadowing

October 19th in Batesville, IN

Frank- Andrew

Rocky- Sondra

Brad- Dan

Janet- tbd

Riff- Eric

Magenta- Hannah

Columbia- Anjali

Eddie- Alden

Dr Scott- Frances

Crim- Melissa

Trixie- Frances

MC- Melissa

Lights- tbd

Props- Jess&Alden

October 6th

Frank: Hannah

Rocky: jensen

Brad: dan

Janet: sondra

Riff: claire

Magenta: kearstyn

Columbia: anjali

Eddie: alden

Dr Scott: Peter

Crim: melissa

Trixie: Tyler


stage left: erin m & Laurynn

stage right: andrew jr & erin c

Lights: Elliott & Riley

MC: anjali

September 22nd

Frank: Hannah

Rocky: Jensen

Brad: Anjali

Janet: Erin C

Riff: Eric

Magenta: Riley

Eddie: Francis

Columbia: Sondra

Dr. Scott: Alden

Crim: Melissa

Trixie: Tyler

MC: Andrew

Lights: John


stage left- Andrew Jr & Jess

stage right- Erin M & Laurynn (Tyler shadowing)

September 8th

Frank: Hannah

Rocky: Victoria

Brad: Dan

Janet: Lizzie

Riff: Claire

Magenta: Kearstyn

Eddie: Audrey

Columbia: Anjali

Dr. Scott: Frances

Crim: Melissa

Trixie: Andrew

MC: Melissa

Lights: Eric (Elliott brushing up)


stage left- Erin M & Audrey  (Tyler shadowing)

stage right- Andrew Jr. & Jess (Laurynn shadowing)

-hannah’s first show as frank!

-lizzie’s back for the weekend!

-andrew doing Trixie for the first time

It’s gonna be a fun show. Let’s ride the hype train.

August 25th

Frank: Andrew

Rocky: Anjali

Brad: Dan

Janet: Jensen

Riff: Melissa

Magenta: Kearstyn (first show!)

Eddie: Frances

Columbia: Sondra

Dr. Scott: Alden

Crim: Hannah

Trixie: Tyler

MC: Anjali

Lights: John (Elliott brush up/training)

Props: stage left- Audrey & Andrew Jr. (Laurynn shadowing) stage right- Nik & Riley (jake shadowing)

August 11th

Frank: andrew
Rocky: anjali
Brad: dan
Janet: erin c
Riff: claire
Mags: riley
Eddie: alden
Columbia: sondra
Crim: melissa
Dr Scott: frances
Trixie: tiler
Mc: anjali
Lights: eric

Stage right props: kearstyn & jensen (andrew jr shadowing)
Stage left: audrey & nik (jake shadowing)

July 28 – Invisible Show

Are you tired of all those pesky props and performers obstructing your view of Dr. Frank-N-Furter?

Well them come on down and enjoy a night of absolute pleasure and offensive callbacks

as The Denton Affair defies an EPA mandate,

various court orders,

and the laws of quantum physics

by turning the props, performers and stage crew


and totally


That’s right INVISIBLE!!!

You wont be able to see, hear, or touch any of them, but make no mistake they’re there.

They certainly aren’t ditching the show to go to the Rocky Horror Convention in Pittsburgh.




July 14th

Frank: andrew
rocky: anjali
brad: hannah
janet: jensen
riff: Eric (first show!!)
magenta: riley
eddie: audrey
columbia: sondra
dr. scott: frances
crim: melissa
trixie: bella
mc: melissa
lights: john (jake shadowing)
props: stage left- nik & andrew jr  stage right- jess & melissa

June 30th

Frank: Andrew
Rocky: Jensen
Brad: Dan
Janet: Erin
Riff: Claire
Magenta: Riley
Eddie: Alden
Columbia: Sondra (first time!)
Dr. Scott: Frances
Crim: Sarah
Trixie: Hannah
MC: Anjali
Lights: John (Jake shadowing)
Props: stage left-Eric & Hannah (Andrew Jr shadowing) stage right-Jess & Kearstyn (Andrew Jr. shadowing)