img_1437 Name: Savannah Marie

Nickname: Sav

Where did you first see Rocky Horror?: At the Danbarry when I saw The Denton Affair

When did you join TDA?:
Summer 2015

Characters played: Columbia, Crim

Where have you seen RHPS?: In my bedroom too many times and at the Esquire(Too many times)

What RHPS casts have you belonged to?: The Denton Affair

Favorite character: Columbia

Favorite Rocky Horror actor/ actress: Tim Frickin Curry

Favorite Rocky Horror song: Hot Patootie

Favorite Rocky memory: Getting married to my Eddie

Favorite movies: Anything with Jack Nicholson

Favorite TV shows: Dexter, Once upon a time, Dr.Phil

Favorite music: The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Neon Trees

Favorite books: Shutter Island

Favorite celebrities: Jack Nicholson/Rob Carlyle

Likes: Steamy showers and red lipstick

Dislikes: big words and flat shoes

Interesting fact: I shave my eyebrows to play Columbia also I’m married to the oldest guy in the cast

Favorite website: