Name: Missy

Nickname: Waldorf

Where did you first see Rocky Horror?: Wait…what? Oh, on a movie screen.

When did you join TDA?: 1982

Characters played: Dr. Scott, Frank, Tony Cowan, Gaye Brown and lights

Where have you seen RHPS?: Cincinnati and other places.

What RHPS casts have you belonged to?: The Denton Affair

Favorite character: Duh…Obviously…The midget camera guy.

Favorite Rocky Horror actor/actress: Ishaq Bux

Favorite Rocky Horror song: Once in a While

What is your greatest Rocky memory?: Getting urinated on by Henry Woolf in a hotel in Michigan

Favorite movies: Yentl (Any movie with Barbara!)

Favorite TV shows: The Porter, Dolly Show, Full House, Drugs Inc., Rehab

Favorite music/musicians: Polka’s and “ethnic” music.

Favorite books: 1,2,3 by The Wiggles.

Favorite celebrities: Kim Kardashian and Kenny Rogers

Likes: Collecting stamps from the United Arab Emirates, huffing.

Dislikes: Gravity, Monty Python, Spotting in my underwear

Interesting fact: Kim Kardashian’s 14th birthday celebration was at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch!

Favorite website: