Name: Jenny

Nickname: Qui-gon jinny

Where did you first see Rocky Horror? The Esquire

When did you join TDA? Last March, last April, last May, last April, last March; no, last April.

Characters played: Janet + Props

Where have you seen RHPS? Nah

What RHPS casts have you belonged to? TDA

Favorite character: Janet

Favorite Rocky Horror actor/actress: The midget

Favorite Rocky Horror song: Rose Tint My World

What is your greatest Rocky memory? Sex in the theatre

Favorite movies: Shock Treatment

Favorite TV shows: DentonVale, The Denton Dossier, Farley Flavors’s new Faith Factory Show

Favorite music/musicians: Shock Treatment

Favorite books: The Denton Affair

Favorite celebrities: Shock Treatment, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Lindsey Lohan and/or Brittney Spears depending on who went out them that one night when someone saw someone’s underwear maybe?

Likes: Shock Treatment

Dislikes: Surprise Butt Sex from men. Come at me ladies 😉

Interesting fact: No liking dick or men, but I am an exotic dancer (;

Favorite website: