Name: Chloe Clark

Nickname: C-Hole

Where did you first see Rocky Horror?: TDA

When did you join TDA?: January 2016

Characters played: Columbia, Rocky, and Trixie

Where have you seen RHPS?: TDA, SHS, JCCP

What RHPS casts have you belonged to?: TDA

Favorite character: Columbia

Favorite Rocky Horror actor/actress: Little Nell

Favorite Rocky Horror Song: sword of damocles

What is your greatest Rocky memory?: Playing Beetlejuice and Lydia for Trixie

Favorite movies: The Neverending Story, Clueless and Tank Girl

Favorite TV shows: Outlander and Doctor Who

Favorite music/ musicians: Panic! At the Disco, The Cure, Culture Club, and The Cranberries

Favorite books: Pride and Prejudice, The Neverending Story, and The Selection

Favorite celebrities: Miley Cyrus and Corey Feldman

Likes: sequin and chicken

Dislikes: John D’Alessandro (dork)

Interesting fact: I lived in Yellowstone National Park once.

Favorite website: