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February 10th: Valentines Day Show

Frank: Lizzie Rocky: Sondra Brad: Dan Janet: Jensen Riff: Andrew Magenta: Riley Eddie: Alden Columbia: Bodhi Dr. Scott: Peter Crim: Melissa Trixie: Lana MC: Anjali Photographer: Sarah Lights: John Props: stage left-Jess & Kearstyn, stage right-Greg & Tayler Read More »

January 27th: Dan the interns First Show

Frank: Alyssa (welcome back!) Rocky: Victoria Brad: Dan (first show!) Janet: Erin C Riff: Claire Magenta: Hannah Eddie: Robert (farewell show) Columbia: Savannah (farewell show) Dr. Scott: Francis Crim: Sarah Trixie: Bodhi MC: Andrew Props: stage left-Alden & Lana, stage right-Kearstyn & Anjali (Tayler shadowing) Lights: John Read More »

January 13, 2018: First Show of the Year

Frank: Andrew Rocky: TBD Brad: Hannah Janet: Sondra Riff: Claire Magenta: Riley Eddie: Alden Columbia: Bodhi Dr. Scott: Peter Crim: Sarah Trixie: Anjali MC: Melissa Lights: Tayler Props: stage left-Erin M&Lana, stage right-Henry&Jensen Read More »

December 30th: The Rocky Horror Sleepover Show!!

Frank- Anjali Rocky- Sondra Brad- Hannah Janet- Lizzie Riff- Andrew Magenta- Melissa Eddie- Audrey Columbia- Bodhi Dr. Scott- Tayler Crim- Paige Trixie- Henry MC- Anjali Lights-John Props- stage right- Erin M&Dan, stage left- Nik&Kearstyn Read More »

December 16, 2017

Frank: Andrew Rocky: Lizzie Brad: Hannah Janet: Jensen Riff: Claire Magenta: Riley Eddie: Audrey Columbia: Victoria Dr. Scott: Alden Crim: Melissa Trixie: Sondra MC: Anjali Props: stage right-Nik&Erin C stage left-Erin M&Dan Lights: Greg Read More »

Show & Theater Info

  Esquire’s WebsiteEvery other Saturday night, you can find us in the heart of Clifton on Ludlow Ave. at the Esquire Theatre near the University of Cincinnati! We play year-round so you won’t miss a thing! The Esquire also serves alcohol, so bar hopping instead of Time Warping is NOT an excuse! Read below for directions and show dates! Cost: ... Read More »

December 2, 2017

Frank: Andrew Rocky: Victoria Brad: Anjali Janet: Jensen (first show!) Riff: Claire Magenta: Missy Eddie: Francis Columbia: Bodhi Dr. Scott: Audrey Crim: Sarah Trixie: Sondra MC: Melissa Props Stage Right: Erin M & Kearstyn Props Stage Left: Henry & Alden Lights- Nik with John Read More »