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October 6th

Frank: Hannah

Rocky: jensen

Brad: dan

Janet: sondra

Riff: claire

Magenta: kearstyn

Columbia: anjali

Eddie: alden

Dr Scott: Peter

Crim: melissa

Trixie: Tyler


stage left: erin m & Laurynn

stage right: andrew jr & erin c

Lights: Elliott & Riley

MC: anjali

September 22nd

Frank: Hannah

Rocky: Jensen

Brad: Anjali

Janet: Erin C

Riff: Eric

Magenta: Riley

Eddie: Francis

Columbia: Sondra

Dr. Scott: Alden

Crim: Melissa

Trixie: Tyler

MC: Andrew

Lights: John


stage left- Andrew Jr & Jess

stage right- Erin M & Laurynn (Tyler shadowing)

September 8th

Frank: Hannah

Rocky: Victoria

Brad: Dan

Janet: Lizzie

Riff: Claire

Magenta: Kearstyn

Eddie: Audrey

Columbia: Anjali

Dr. Scott: Frances

Crim: Melissa

Trixie: Andrew

MC: Melissa

Lights: Eric (Elliott brushing up)


stage left- Erin M & Audrey  (Tyler shadowing)

stage right- Andrew Jr. & Jess (Laurynn shadowing)

-hannah’s first show as frank!

-lizzie’s back for the weekend!

-andrew doing Trixie for the first time

It’s gonna be a fun show. Let’s ride the hype train.

August 25th

Frank: Andrew

Rocky: Anjali

Brad: Dan

Janet: Jensen

Riff: Melissa

Magenta: Kearstyn (first show!)

Eddie: Frances

Columbia: Sondra

Dr. Scott: Alden

Crim: Hannah

Trixie: Tyler

MC: Anjali

Lights: John (Elliott brush up/training)

Props: stage left- Audrey & Andrew Jr. (Laurynn shadowing) stage right- Nik & Riley (jake shadowing)

August 11th

Frank: andrew
Rocky: anjali
Brad: dan
Janet: erin c
Riff: claire
Mags: riley
Eddie: alden
Columbia: sondra
Crim: melissa
Dr Scott: frances
Trixie: tiler
Mc: anjali
Lights: eric

Stage right props: kearstyn & jensen (andrew jr shadowing)
Stage left: audrey & nik (jake shadowing)