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April 21st

Frank: Andrew Rocky: David (guest from The Masters Affairs) Brad: Hannah Janet: Jensen Riff: Claire Magenta: Missy Columbia: Bodhi Eddie: Sarah Crim: Melissa Dr. Scott: Sophie (first show!) Trixie: Sondra MC: Melissa Lights: John Props: stage left-Erin M & Erin ┬áC stage right-Jess&Dan Read More »

April 7th

Frank: Andrew Rocky: Melissa Brad: Dan Janet: Sondra Riff: Claire Magenta: Hannah Eddie: Alden Columbia: Allison (guest from the Pittsburgh cast!) Dr. Scott: Frances Crim: Sarah Trixie: Lana MC: Melissa Lights: Tayler Props: stage right-Erin M & Eric, stage left- Greg & Kearstyn Photographer: Lana Read More »

March 24th

Frank: Anjali Rocky: Sondra Brad: Hannah Janet: Erin C Riff: Andrew Magenta: Riley Eddie: Audrey (home visiting!) Columbia: Bodhi Dr. Scott: Peter Crim: Melissa Trixie: Henry MC: Andrew Photographer: Lana Lights: John Props: stage right-Kearstyn & Jess, stage left- Claire & Tayler Read More »

March 10th

Frank: Andrew Rocky: Lizzie Brad: Dan Janet: Sondra Riff: Claire Magenta: Riley Eddie: Sarah (first official show as Eddie!) Columbia: Victoria Dr. Scott: Frances Crim: Melissa Trixie: Anjali MC: Andrew Lights: Eric Props: Jess & Lana <– stage left — stage right –> Erin M & Sophie Photographer:Anjali Read More »

February 24th 2018

Frank: Andrew Rocky: Sondra Brad: Anjali Janet: Erin C. Riff: Claire Magenta: Hannah Eddie: Frances Columbia: Bodhi Dr. Scott: Tayler Crim: Sarah Trixie: Henry MC: Melissa Photographer: Lana Lights: John (Eric shadowing) Props: stage left- Erin & Jensen (Sophie shadowing), stage right- Dan & Greg Read More »